Monday, 28 November 2011

GAS Lunchtime Meetings - meet, eat, discuss and digest

A series of weekly lunchtime meetings has been set up. These will take place every Wednesday, at 1 pm, in the social space on floor 9. The first of these lunchtime meetings will be this Wednesday, 30th November. Hopefully more of us will attend this time - this should also be an opportunity to meet each other.

These weekly meetings are thought to be a place where we can all meet, eat, discuss and digest concerns and findings related to our research, in a very relaxed, informal way.

The GAS lunch could also be an occasion to take a break away from our own individual and lonely research and get quick criticism and creative feedback from the others. Discussion topics can be announced in advance, and whoever wants to improve their public speaker skills, can do this by giving a short presentation in a friendly lunchtime atmosphere, within... GAS. :o)

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